Study in Canada


Study in Canada

Reasons to live, study and work in Canada

To get started, we want to share with you the ultimate reasons to take the step towards your life in Canada. One of Canada's main attractions is its education system, which is among the best in the world. That's why students and professionals travel to this country to supplement their resume with highly valued degrees. You'll wonder what can you study? You may want to know the types of courses and programs Canada has to offer you. On the other hand, the quality of life in Canadian territory is truly enviable. Living in Canada is synonymous with safety, tranqu ility, health, economic growth, and work-life balance.

In short, studying and working in Canada will allow you to:
  • Training you in an excellent education system.
  • Having a high quality of life.
  • Expand your network of contacts internationally.
  • Enjoy excellent immigration policies.
  • Providing an ideal place for your family.
  • Having international work experience.
  • Expand your world view.

You will live in a country with a perfect combination between nature and modernity, where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy art and culture. In short, Canada is the country you are looking for to grow both personally and professionally.

Requirements to study in Canada :

The first thing you should know is the requirements to study in Canada. Although these may vary depending on several factors such as the course you want to study, your nationality, or your level of English. Generally, you'll need to meet the following requirements.

  • Valid passport for your entire stay.
  • Enroll in a government-accredited Canadian school.
  • Expand your network of contacts internationally.
  • Also, keep in mind that the procedures you will have to complete will depend on the program you want to complete. These requirements for studying in Canada are the most common:
  • Certificate of higher education .
  • English level certificate(IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE).
  • Medical Tests.
  • Demonstration of economic funds.
  • Motivational letter.
  • Criminal record.
Steps to study in Canada
  1. Search for information to study in Canada What is the cost of living in Canada? Which city should I go to? What can I study in Canada? What kind of jobs can I choose?
  2. Initiate procedures In order to obtain your student visa for Canada, you first need to prove that you are enrolled in a school. Without tuition, you cannot apply for a visa. Aren't the paperwork your thing? We help you!
  3. Define which visa you need Remember that the course and its duration will depend on the visa you need. Keep in mind that if you're looking to work in Canada, a language course isn't enough. To have the relevant work permit, you will need to study for a Certificate or Career Program.
  4. Prepare your luggage in time Fear is not an option. You are already closer to going to study in Canada! We'll give you tips for getting cheap flights to Canada and what you need to take in your luggage. When the day has come, say goodbye to your mother, your dog, your cat, your friends, that person you love so much but can't pack.
  5. Lean on Suregrow to start your new life At Suregrow we welcome you to your destination with an arrival pack that will make your life easier. We will receive you at the airport with a hug (so as not to feel that anyone knows you), we will give you a SIM card to facilitate your communication and transfer you to your accommodation. Because we know that getting to a new place can be overwhelming,
Cost of living in Canada

The cost of living is one of the fundamental points to keep in mind if you want to live, study, and work in Canada, don't you think?

That's why we'll show you living costs in Canada for the most important categories:

  • Accommodation: Depending on location and city can be between $530 and $900
  • Transportation: A monthly city-depending pass can be between $90 and $125
  • Food: Depending on your consumption level you'd spend between $190 and $380
  • Cell phone plan: it can cost you between $28 and $42

This means that your monthly spending could be around $1000. This is not a concern for international students who choose Canada as their destination.

Boost your career in Canada

Living in Canada is a great opportunity to turn your career around and continue to grow professionally. You will be able to study in institutions of the highest quality and gain work experience in Canadian companies with the experts at Sure Grow the top study abroad consultants in Kochi.

Change your life, Canada is waiting for you!